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Travelling bloggers


Matt via Compfight

A great way to use your blog is when you are travelling.

Add some images and write about what you have been seeing and doing.

We have one teacher Mrs Wilson who is using her class blog to connect back with her students in Tasmania. Why not follow her journey in Europe?

You’ll notice Mrs Wilson has a little buddy with her. When I go on big trips overseas, I also take a buddy and he keeps a blog here. Sometimes he also comes on my Australian trips. He has been known to disappear and go travelling around America on his own.

We also have a grade 6 class who has recently been on camp to the capital city of Australia. Check out what they did there and leave a comment or question one one of their posts.

I will also be going on holidays in a week or so for 10 days cruising on the Murray River. I use a blog to show my journeys. You might like to check it out as well.

Term 3 begins

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday break. As you might have realised, I headed to Denver, Colorado where I presented about the student blogging challenge I run twice a year. I am hoping your classes will take part in term 4 when the next challenge begins in October.

Have you written a post to begin your new term?

Maybe you have been brave and tried a new tool for the blog. Here is one I can suggest: Padlet

What is a padlet?

It is a blank page where you can easily drag and drop video, text, images, sound, documents. Check out this tour of padlet.

What else is great is that it is free and you have total control over the amount of privacy of your padlet. According to their terms of service, children under 13 cannot create their own free padlets.

To get around this, they have also created a teacher monthly, annual or school plan. You can opt for $5 per month or $45 per year for an individual teacher and then each child can create their own padlets connected via you.

Here is an example of a padlet and I would like you and your students to add your ideas to it.

Just click on the plus sign, add your name as the title and then add your idea on the next line.

New term

“Mixed Media Installation by Peter Liversidge: Hello, 2013 (58 Light bulbs, powder coated steel, motion activated sensor)” / Ingleby Gallery / Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 / SML.20130523.EOSM.03963
Photo Credit: See-ming Lee via Compfight

So it is the beginning of a new term at schools in Tasmania.

How are you going to use your blog this term?

  • Did you write a post welcoming students back and asking for some information about their holidays?
  • Are you going to ask what their goals are for this term? Maybe a post about making SMART goals would be good on your blog.
  • What are the main topics you will be studying this term? Maybe write a post giving a general outline and find out what the students think they already know about each topic.

Are you taking part in some international events between now and the end of the year?

Here is the link to a great Australian calendar showing events you and your class or school could be taking part in over the next few months.

For a fun finish to the year, why not join the Hour of Code during December. Here is a great page with lots of links to coding sites. A way for students to learn programming easily on any device they use. Even a planning page for teachers so you know the day will go right and you wont get stressed.