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Coding in classrooms

Robot Diplomacy en Liceo Impulso

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Part of the Australian Curriculum next year is computer science which includes coding.

What is this, you ask?

Computer science involves creativity skills, problem solving skills and logic. One way students can do this is by coding. There are literally hundreds of websites on the net about coding but I am going to include a few here.

 December 7-13

Computer Science Education Week


This is a chance for students and teachers to create something using coding. They include tutorials which you can do at any time over that week or any time of year in fact.

Here is the link to the How To Run an Hour of Code at your school.

Here is the 2015 Hour of Code video


There are also many other coding organizations your students can use. Tutorials are here on the Computer Science Education Week website, especially if you want to do more than one hour.

One teacher has a lesson plan about coding for young students based on Australian Curriculum and Scratch.

Here is a link to Code The Future which is a group of Aussie teachers and developers working together to help teach kids coding.

One of our young bloggers Denver is very keen on coding. Maybe he could help some very keen students from your class.

Joining a global activity


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So your class has now been blogging for about a year. Do you want to extend your students and start them branching out into the wide world outside of Tasmania?

Well here are a few global activities they could be participating in:

Student Blogging Challenge – register next week, starts beginning of October

Global Read Aloud world version – Aussie version – read about it here – runs over parts of October/ November – teacher needs to run this so will need to check out the links

International Dot Day – this is around September 15th

International Talk like a Pirate Day or weekend this year – falls on September 19th

Global Collaboration Day – falls on September 17th – check out the activities here

Also are your students into writing creatively online? Then go to Powtoon where they are giving away classroom accounts for free at the moment.

Learning through social media

Happy St. Patrick Day Pug

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Well St Patrick’s Day has been and gone for another year. I visited Ireland last year for about three weeks and visited some schools near Dublin and in counties Wicklow and Donegal. So on March 15, I sent out a tweet to the teachers I met


I then got a reply



While I was in Ireland, some students tried to teach me some Irish but they needed to write it in phonetic format for me to say it more easily.



How did I get to know Merry Beau?

That’s right , through blogging. Merry leaves comments in virtually every blog I tweet about and she has fantastic conversations with the students. Check it out here with Kendall and Nelly.

How can you make these overseas connections?

Join the student blogging challenge (see widget on sidebar) every March and September and connect with classes and students from all over the world.

Take part in activities like Global Read Aloud where teachers share common books to read to students.

Find out about other activities in the Global Classroom wiki. Check out the activities in the right sidebar.


New term

“Mixed Media Installation by Peter Liversidge: Hello, 2013 (58 Light bulbs, powder coated steel, motion activated sensor)” / Ingleby Gallery / Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 / SML.20130523.EOSM.03963
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So it is the beginning of a new term at schools in Tasmania.

How are you going to use your blog this term?

  • Did you write a post welcoming students back and asking for some information about their holidays?
  • Are you going to ask what their goals are for this term? Maybe a post about making SMART goals would be good on your blog.
  • What are the main topics you will be studying this term? Maybe write a post giving a general outline and find out what the students think they already know about each topic.

Are you taking part in some international events between now and the end of the year?

Here is the link to a great Australian calendar showing events you and your class or school could be taking part in over the next few months.

For a fun finish to the year, why not join the Hour of Code during December. Here is a great page with lots of links to coding sites. A way for students to learn programming easily on any device they use. Even a planning page for teachers so you know the day will go right and you wont get stressed.