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Student blogging challenge

Today Grade 4 students ran a Google Hangout with me, asking questions about registering their blogs and adding the badge to their blog sidebar. Well done girls in 4BC!

Are you and your class interested in

  • connecting with other blogging classes around the world?
  • adding interesting yet educational widgets to your blog?
  • using more web 2.0 tools in your posts?
  • reading what other students around the world are writing about?

Your answer is YES

Then join the October 2017 student blogging challenge.

  • First challenge posted on Sunday 1 October so you won’t be behind.
  • Each week is a different topic with a variety of activities to choose from.
  • Spreadsheet to find other classes and students to connect to by just clicking on a link to their blog.
  • If on holiday one week, miss those activities and come back to them later on.
  • No winner, just a chance to make connections and improve your blogging skills.
  • Add the challenge badge to your blog if you decide to take part.

Click here to register your class blog. If any of your students have their own personal blog, they can register here.

Maybe you would prefer to mentor a group of students. You might be able to connect each of your students to one, with their own blog,  taking part in the challenge.

Taking part in the student  blogging challenge covers many of the ISTE standards for students

2. Digital citizen

6. Creative communicator

7 Global Collaborator