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Student Leadership


Sorry I am a bit behind with the #EdublogsClub prompts but time to catch up today.

No longer working in a classroom, I mainly have contact with teachers beginning blogging in their classroom. Some of them feel their students know more technologically than they do. So I also offer to teach a small group of students the basics of blogging then they become the class mentors and teachers for the other students.

The students are usually quick to pick up the basics and are prepared to have a go even if they make a mistake. As I am available 24/7 through comments on my blog or by using my email, students will quickly send me a message if they are stuck eg adding attribution for images or adding a video.

I then suggest they go to the excellent user guide here at Edublogs to see if they can find the answer. Often I give them the page to save them time. Within a few minutes, I have a reply back, saying thanks and they have worked it out ; “Check out my post on endangered animals, Miss W. I just added a video I found on YouTube.”

After a few months of being the class blogging experts, teachers often then ask if those students can have their own personal blog attached to the class blog.

This means a round of teaching the teachers how to use the My Class setup on the blogs where they can create their student blogs, moderate posts and comments all before they go public to the world.

Another form of student leadership I am involved in,  is inviting students to be mentors in the student blogging challenge I run twice a year for 10 weeks each time. These students look after a group of 10-30 students their age or younger. They visit the student blogs leaving comments and making conversations within the comment area.

Three of these student mentors were  asked to create posters for use at a global education conference ISTE in 2016. You can see their results in the image at the top of the page. These students were from Canada, New Zealand and Portugal. They connected with each other via email to make sure each poster was different, then contacted me about a week before I needed the posters. That is certainly student leadership. As teachers we make sure the connections are safe then let the students work it out for themselves.