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Students blogging

Now it is term 3, it might be time to begin blogging with your more talented students.

Do you have a student with a passion for horses, LEGO, Minecraft, netball, astronomy, reading etc?

If the answer is YES, then maybe they could have their own blog to share their knowledge with other class members as well as the rest of the world.

Students who have their own blog need to be keen and eager to connect with others as well as write about their passion. Here is an  example of a student showcasing their voice.

Penelope began in mid 2015 when in grade 2 and worked on her blog for about a year.

What did Penelope learn about being a good digital citizen when using her blog?

  • how to use creative commons image
  • how to add images and videos to her blog
  • taking part in a global blogging challenge
  • replying to comments from her viewers
  • writing posts relating to information in comments
  • using a variety of tools on her posts
  • how to add widgets using embed code (some of these are no longer working as they are not secure sites)
  • how to write great posts in paragraphs including images or videos
  • using her voice to express her opinion

If you have some students who might be keen to start their own blog, please get in contact with me (check the email contact on the sidebar).

I will need to know student name,  student email, grade student is in, school, teacher name and if teacher wants a class blog.

I will be running  afternoon sessions for those students who might need help. You will find this blog helpful and the classroom link will be found on the sidebar there from the beginning of August.


Introducing you to …

Our new magazine showing off the posts of our blogging students around Tasmania.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

This is a Flipboard magazine which is open to the world but I don’t advertise it on Twitter or anywhere so probably will only be seen by classes here in Tasmania.

I began this magazine when we had out previous blogging setup but I have deleted the posts from those students and decided to start fresh from this year.

To add posts to this magazine, I look at the posts created by students on class blogs and students who have their own blog – if they are a great example of writing for the age of the students involved, then I flip the post.

Hope you enjoy reading the stories and information from this magazine. You can add the code to your own blog and have it on the sidebar in a text box.

Students blogging

I have been travelling over the last week visiting many of the classes where we have students with their own personal blogs. I will be linking them on the sidebar of this blog under their own category.

But here they are now. Check on the sidebar of the blog to find the widget Class Blogs. Underneath you will find the students listed and a link to their blogs.

I am sure they would appreciate visitors to their blogs and a few comments from both teachers and students.

Mrs Moore with grade 2 students blogging

Mr Fenn with grade 5/6 students only using iPads (we are still sorting out problems here)

Mr Samphier with grade 6 students

Mrs Dobson and Mr Ashby students grade 6-10

I also run an online classroom Friday afternoons this year from 1.15 till 3pm and I have a group of students attached to that blog as their teacher does not have a class blog.

Students as bloggers with grade 6 children mainly

As you may notice the Students as Bloggers blog has lots of hints and posts about how to do things like adding widgets, creating polls and so on. Feel free to copy these to use in your own blogs.

Now that we have many students with their own blogs, I will be creating a flipboard magazine so I can add all their great posts in just one magazine. I will add a link to the magazine on this post after the weekend.