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Blogging help

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It is great to see many of our active class bloggers moving their old eschool blog across to our new URL.  Remember to check the pages for setting up your blog. I will be adding more of these over the next couple of weeks once I have edited them to make sure they are up to date.

A few other places to get help:

Edublogs user guide has many pages for different topics such as:

The Edublogger blog written by members of the Edublogs support team includes:

Want to connect with other classes?

Lists of tools or apps to use with your blog

If there is one person who I suggest you follow, it is Richard Byrne who has a fantastic blog called Free Technology for Teachers. He also has some useful guides that can be printed out to use with staff on Google Earth, searching strategies beyond Google, web tools to use. Here is the link to follow him on Facebook.