STETS the mirror

Subject matter-he is the mirror he is worried about how old he is getting.

Theme- worry

Emotion and Tone-rhyming words on the end of sentences.

Technique-uses dark meaningful words such as dazed,haggered,grimmer,droopy

structure and form-rhyming patterns the words at the end of the two sentences next to each other rhyme

STETS flying

subject matter- the moon

theme- nature, enjoying, own beliefs

tone- intrigued,happy

technique- uses similes and metaphors

structure- short and sharp sentences



I love the sound of the engine rev.

hold it on 7 gran im about to send.

dump the clutch here we go back tires spinning in the snow.

Cold winters morning

Cold winters morning

I see the frozen lakes as I’m walking through the cold winters bush.

I hear the snow falling to the ground from the trees above me.

I taste the cold winter’s air upon my frozen tongue.

I feel the winters freezing air upon my red nose.

I smell the frosty winters air blowing across my cold winters face.



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