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Hobart College


Rob’s availability during exam period

I should be available to answer questions and run tutorials at the following times in A426 (if I’m not there, check my office in A424)…

  • Mon 13/11, 11:00am – 12:00noon
  • Wed 15/11, 12:00 – 3:00pm
  • Fri 17/11, 11:00am – 2:00pm
  • Mon 20/11, 9:00am – until the exam at 1:30pm

In the mean time, flick me an email at if you have any questions.

Useful resources


Exam topics

Here’s a rough list of topics that have appeared on previous exams…

Cr 1 Algorithms

  • Pseudocode
  • Initially/when
  • User Interface design

Cr 2 Java

  • Order of operations
  • Data types (e.g. int v double)
    • Conversion and casting (e.g. int <> char)
  • Program traces
    • if / switch
    • for / while
  • Arrays
  • Methods

Cr 3 Objects

  • Declare, instantiate, initialise
  • String operations
  • Class definitions
    • Methods
    • Constructors
  • Global and local variables
  • Formal and actual parameters

Cr 4 Computer Architecture

  • Boolean
    • Expressions
    • Logic circuits
    • Truth tables
    • Karnaugh maps
  • TOY Machine
  • General computer architecture e.g.
    • von Neumann architecture
    • the machine cycle (fetch, decode, execute)
    • the role of the Java Virtual Machine
    • registers and flip-flops

Cr 5 Data Representation

  • Binary
    • Addition
    • Conversion
      • binary <> decimal
      • binary <> hex
    • 2’s complement
    • Fractions
    • Floating point
  • ASCII / Unicode
  • Array representation
  • File sizes


Week 30

This week we finished off the major project.

Next term we’ve just got four weeks of class before the exam period…

Week 31

  • Wed 18/10 – Objects revision, worksheet due
  • Fri 20/10 – Objects test (Criterion 3)

Week 32

  • Wed 25/10 – Exam revision, predicted internal results
  • Fri 27/10 – Retests (Cr 2 Java, Cr 4 Computer Architecture)

Week 33

  • Wed 1/11 – Exam revision
  • Fri 3/11 – Retests (choose two of Cr 1 Algorithms, Cr 3 Objects, Cr 5 Data representation)
  • Fri 3/11 – Final deadline for overdue work

Week 34

  • (Wed 8/11 AM – Deadline for internal ratings submitted to TASC)
  • Wed 8/11 & Fri 10/11 – Exam revision

Exam period

  • Mon 20/11 (pm) – Final exam




Week 29

Today I want you to submit the following via the major project section of the class notebook…

  1. your code *as is* – there’s a great tutorial on how to export/import archived project files here…,
  2. a test protocol/draft test report addressing technical and user testing

You may continue to work on the code after this, but next week the emphasis will be on the documentation in preparation for the final submission as per the requirements… Major project 2017



Week 28

Code of Ethics

We started the Code of Conduct assignment today. Here are some supporting resources…

User testing

Now that we’ve (mostly) got basic versions of our games working, the next step is to start some user testing.



Tasmanian Youth Forum technology survey

“The Tasmanian Youth Forum (TYF) is the peak consultative body for young people aged 12 to 25 in Tasmania. TYF consults with young people on different topics to provide them with the opportunity to have their say and contribute their ideas to policy development.

TYF is currently consulting with young people to find out their thoughts about technology. We want to know what young people think about accessing information online, using social media and communicating with others.

This will help inform our work and let government and key decision makers know what young Tasmanians think about technology related issues and their ideas for using technology into the future.”

You can have your say by going online:


Week 27

It’s all about the major project this week – at the very least, we want everyone to have a minimal working version by the end of the week.


Week 26

Just the one class this week due to moderation day, but that doesn’t mean less work. In fact, we need to start stepping things up this week.

If you haven’t yet handed in one or more of the following, you must get these completed as a matter of priority…

  1. Major project design document
  2. SDLC
  3. Human-Centred Design

Have you started keeping a timesheet for your major project?

Here’s a rough timeline for the remainder of the major project…

  • Fri 25 Aug – Design document submitted
  • (Fri 1 Sept – No class, student free day)
  • Fri 8 Sept – Basic working version complete
  • Fri 22 Sept – Final version of program and test report complete
  • Fri 29 Sept – Final report submitted  (last week of term)


Week 25

Wed – We’ll have a look at this Class Diagram Tutorial and then we’ll start creating our own class diagrams, either using pen & paper, or a tool like Lucidchart.

Here’s the initial version of a class diagram I created for a very simple arcade game, called OneShot. Click on it for a bigger version.

Initial class diagram for OneShot

Here is the code that I created in Eclipse based on this class diagram: OneShot-170823 (*.zip)

Here is the code for a basic text adventure.

Fri – You will finish and submit the initial version of your design document, including your class diagram.

Please remember

  • Your design document is a working document.
  • Your design document doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be good enough.
    • Good enough for you to get started.
    • Good enough to give you some direction/priorities.
    • Good enough to make it clear to me (and you) what this project is about.
  • You will save a copy of your initial design document, but then continue to revise it as you continue to develop your project.


Week 24

Wed – finish off the current tasks…

  • SDLC worksheet
  • Prac 14
  • Project brief

Fri – We started (and finished) Prac 15 and then worked on the above tasks. Anything left on this list after today is homework,

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