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Monday, 14 April 2014

Today we looked at some examples of Boolean expressions that are equivalent to other, typically simpler, expression (e.g. A ^ ~A = FALSE). Many of these are so comment that they’re given names and put into a numbered list of logic laws. We practised using the logic laws to simplify expressions on Boolean Worksheet 2.

On Wed we will have an end-of-term test covering most of the theory we’ve done so far. It will cover the following topics…

  • Data representation – mostly binary, but maybe also a bit of hex, binary, file sizes, etc. (~1/2 of the test)
  • Algorithm design (~1/4 of the test)
  • Boolean logic (~1/4 of the test)



Friday, 11 April 2014

Catch up day – a one time offer to hand in any missing worksheets from this term and have them marked. Get into it!

Or, for those who are up to speed with all the worksheets, finish Prac 5b.


Wednesday, 9 April

Today we spent most of the class working on Boolean worksheet 1 – this will be due on Friday!


Monday, 7 April 2014

Today we made a start on Boolean Logic. We had look at some of the common terminology, basic operations (NOT, AND, OR, and XOR) and how expressions in boolean logic can be represented in truth tables and logic circuits.

To help develop our understanding of boolean logic, we explored the The Logic Lab – an online logic gate simulator.

Remember Prac 5 and the Algorithms 2 worksheet are both due on Wed.

Also, a reminder that because I won’t be at the Parent-Teacher evening tomorrow, your parents are welcome to call or email me to arrange another time to discuss your progress.


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Today we made a start on Prac 5 – Components and Events.

On Friday, when I’m away, I’ll ask you to continue on with Prac 5 and make a start on Algorithms worksheet 2 (both will be due next Wed).

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