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Major Project Brief

My major project is going to be an adventure fantasy side scrolling game. I plan to create at least the main sprites and objects used in 8-bit, and import them as images for the game. The aim of the game will be to collect all the gems in each level before being able to continue to the next.

I’m hoping to finish the programming for at least the first level, with all the sprites moving appropriately, the background stopping when the player stops and for the game to count how many gems have been collected and how many still need to be collected before allowing the player to move on.

The game will start with a black screen and white text with a short story before the actual gameplay begins.

I plan to implement:

  • Moving background that changes speed
  • Player movement
  • Gem counter
  • Sound effects/music
  • Sprites
Basic idea of the side scroller's layout

Basic idea of the game’s layout


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