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Week 26

Just the one class this week due to moderation day, but that doesn’t mean less work. In fact, we need to start stepping things up this week.

If you haven’t yet handed in one or more of the following, you must get these completed as a matter of priority…

  1. Major project design document
  2. SDLC
  3. Human-Centred Design

Have you started keeping a timesheet for your major project?

Here’s a rough timeline for the remainder of the major project…

  • Fri 25 Aug – Design document submitted
  • (Fri 1 Sept – No class, student free day)
  • Fri 8 Sept – Basic working version complete
  • Fri 22 Sept – Final version of program and test report complete
  • Fri 29 Sept – Final report submitted  (last week of term)


Week 25

Wed – We’ll have a look at this Class Diagram Tutorial and then we’ll start creating our own class diagrams, either using pen & paper, or a tool like Lucidchart.

Here’s the initial version of a class diagram I created for a very simple arcade game, called OneShot. Click on it for a bigger version.

Initial class diagram for OneShot

Here is the code that I created in Eclipse based on this class diagram: OneShot-170823 (*.zip)

Here is the code for a basic text adventure.

Fri – You will finish and submit the initial version of your design document, including your class diagram.

Please remember

  • Your design document is a working document.
  • Your design document doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be good enough.
    • Good enough for you to get started.
    • Good enough to give you some direction/priorities.
    • Good enough to make it clear to me (and you) what this project is about.
  • You will save a copy of your initial design document, but then continue to revise it as you continue to develop your project.


Week 24

Wed – finish off the current tasks…

  • SDLC worksheet
  • Prac 14
  • Project brief

Fri – We started (and finished) Prac 15 and then worked on the above tasks. Anything left on this list after today is homework,


Week 23

This week we started the following tasks…

  • Software Development Life Cycle worksheet
  • Prac 14 – Custom objects
  • The Major Project

We also talked briefly about “inheritance”, one of the important ideas in object-oriented design. Others are “encapsulation” and “polymorphism”.




Week 22

This week we’ll aim to finish off all the tasks left over from last week (human-centred design, methods worksheet) as well as:

  • Prac 11 – images and sounds
  • Prac 12 – keyboard events, and
  • Prac 13 – mouse events.

And we looked at this video about the classic fizz buzz interview question…


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