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Week 25

Wed – We’ll have a look at this Class Diagram Tutorial and then we’ll start creating our own class diagrams, either using pen & paper, or a tool like Lucidchart.

Here’s the initial version of a class diagram I created for a very simple arcade game, called OneShot. Click on it for a bigger version.

Initial class diagram for OneShot

Here is the code that I created in Eclipse based on this class diagram: OneShot-170823 (*.zip)

Here is the code for a basic text adventure.

Fri – You will finish and submit the initial version of your design document, including your class diagram.

Please remember

  • Your design document is a working document.
  • Your design document doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be good enough.
    • Good enough for you to get started.
    • Good enough to give you some direction/priorities.
    • Good enough to make it clear to me (and you) what this project is about.
  • You will save a copy of your initial design document, but then continue to revise it as you continue to develop your project.

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