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Tilberg via Compfight                       Konstantin DaPuglet via Compfight

Hello lovely world:-)

I love animals and especially pugs. What is your favourite animal?

I enjoy art, school and hanging out with my friends. I enjoy having sleepovers with my friends.We make a lot of mess. Do you like sleepovers?

I play netball. I love being goal keeper and goal shooter. If you play netball what roll do you like the most?

The AFL football team I go for is Collingwood. Do you follow AFL? If so, what team do you go for?


3 thoughts on “All about me!

  1. G’day Sophie,
    Great introduction and I love the way you have separated each piece of information with a question. The only problem is, this theme doesn’t show images or set out the writing the way you have done it when your visitors look at your home page. They only see the whole post when they click on leave a comment or the title of your post. You might need to think about a different theme.

  2. Good post Sophie. the pet i like the most is a pug and i like sleep overs also i like goal keeper. I like the hawks.

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