All about me

Soul Edged Ray Gun Marco Hazard via Compfight

I love cricket, baseball, gaming like call of duty, skateboarding and also riding my bike. I live in Northern Tasmania with my annoying 2 older brothers, Mum, Dad and a silly little white dog. Does anyone have annoying brother’s or sister’s?

2 thoughts on “All about me

  1. G’day Dylan,
    Great introduction. My younger brother isn’t annoying but he was always taller than me. How do your brothers annoy you?

    PS For some reason this theme doesn’t show your image on the main home page. I could only see the image when I clicked on the title of the post or the comment area.

  2. Hi Dylan

    Thanks for leaving a comment on the Teacher Challenge blog! Very cool background image.

    Older brothers aren’t always annoying. My youngest son finds his old brother very useful once he was able to drive a car. But yes the oldest son does like to annoy his younger brother.

    Sue Waters

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