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Hi my name is Kaiden I love sport I really love basketball, AFL, swimming and touch football.

I live in northern Tasmania we have a farm but I don’t live on it.

I live with my Mum,dad,1 brother,1 sister and 1 cute and naughty dog – Luna.

So what is your favorite sport???

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  1. G’day Kaiden with an ‘e’,
    Great introduction. My favourite sport is watching Tour de France or any other cycling race on TV. But I also enjoy watching swimming at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

    PS This theme doesn’t show your image on the main page. I can only see the image when I click on the title of the post or leave a comment.

  2. Hi Kaiden,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on the Teacher Challenge blog!

    I’m wondering what adventures your dog has done? I’m guessing eating shoes or stealing food?

    My favorite sport is motor racing.

    Sue Waters

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