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David Seibold via Compfight

My name is Bonnie. I live on a farm with my family. I have two dogs and there name is angle and patch.

We always go down to the creek an jump in the water.

I like riding my motorbike as well of rounding up the sheep and feeding the pigs.

In 2014 my family won a dogs award.

Last weekend I got chased by one of my horses because of my dog she barked.

Have you got a blog with your school?

2 thoughts on “About Bonnie

  1. G’day Bonnie,
    Great introduction. Love the image you chose. Why did you choose that image instead of one with an animal?

    PS You need to go to your dashboard> appearance> widgets> and open the class blogs one. Change the number to 20 and change random to alphabetical then save and close. That way all the student blogs will appear on your sidebar.

  2. Hi Bonnie

    Thanks for leaving a comment on the Teacher Challenge blog! Your blogging is coming along well. Great work adding an image to your post. Sounds like you get to do lots of exciting things on your farm.

    Sue Waters

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