about Isaac

 Wedge Tail Eagle Georgie Sharp via Compfight

I am really interested in animals my favourite animal is a Wedge tail eagle.

I really like basketball and whip cracking I like basketball because it’s a team sport.

I’m ten years old I have a Brother, Sister, Mum, Dad.

I live in the country wen I go to my grandpas I go for bush walks.

Do you like sport and animals?


6 thoughts on “about Isaac

  1. G’day Isaac,
    Great introduction. Do you see wedge tails when you go for bush walks at your grandpa’s house?
    I see them occasionally where I live in southern Tasmania.

    PS Be careful when putting your image in the centre as it looks like you have also included the rest of your post as well instead of just the image and attribution.

  2. Yes i do like sport and animals a bit, my favorite animal is the dog. I like soccer, and this is a amazing blog Isaac.

  3. I like sport my favourite sport is football and by the way you spelt when wrong you spelt it wen not when bye 🙂

  4. Hi Isaac

    Thanks for leaving a comment on the Teacher Challenge Blog! Your blog is coming along well! I also enjoy bush walking and I’m excited when I see animals on my walks. Animals I’ve seen on my walk include a white bellied sea eagles, black swans, quenda (southern brown bandicoot), kangaroos, bobtail skinks.


  5. Hi Isaac,
    I like sports especially gymnastics, my favourite animal is kittens make sure you visit my blog because im doing a post about kittens, cats.
    what is your favourite sport.

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