about me jarrod

I’m aged nine turning ten and i love sport such as cricket,basketball,football and golf. I live an a family of five and i’m a boy. I have four dogs two rabbits two guinea pigs and i live on a farm.My favourite ¬†player is Steph Curry for golden states ¬†for nba and my afl player is Jack Rewolt for Richmond.


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do you like sport? if so please tell me your sport

6 thoughts on “about me jarrod

  1. G’day Jarrod,
    Great introduction. I used to play netball when I was at school, but then played ten pin bowling. Nowadays I like watching cycling especially Tour de France.

    PS When you put in a comma, you need to put a space after it to make it easier to read, otherwise everything looks like it is running together.

  2. WOW this is a good post. jarrod and my best sport is soccer.

  3. Hi Jarrod

    Thanks for leaving a comment on the Teacher Challenge blog! Your blog is coming along well!

    That is a lot of pets! My favorite sport is motor racing.

    Sue Waters

  4. Hi Jarrod I like sports as well I like touch footy, running and gymnastics I used to have 2 guinea pigs and rabbits I have a dog called Moi and 7 cats and 17 chickens 7 roosters 10 hens.

    how long have you had each of your four dogs?

    from Izzy

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