5 thoughts on “First post ever

  1. Hi Monique,
    It is very exciting that you were keen to have your own blog. I look forward to seeing lots of interesting posts from you throughout the year.
    Mrs Coe

  2. G’day Monique,
    Great that you have started blogging! What are you going to include on your blog? What things are you passionate about as they will be easier to write about?

    My favourite animal is a humpback whale. I love the way they leap out of the water or do spy hops and tail flapping.

    1. I’ve started writing a couple of posts about what I like and are waiting for them to be published. I love books and sports. My favourite book is The Blood of Olympus. What’s your favourite book?

      1. G’day Monique,
        My favourite books are actually picture books written by Jeannie Baker. They are “Belonging”, “Window” and “Where the forest meets the sea”.

        1. Hello Miss W, I have not heard of those books but they sound interesting and I will look out for them. Also how do you put posts on certain pages? ?

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