My Favourite Animal

if you didn’t know my favourite animal is a giant panda.

I think they are cute, fluffy and cuddly. I think panda fur is very soft and smooth,

but still we should not hunt pandas for their fur.

I think we should donate money to giant pandas I hope you agree.

Showing off my pearly whites! Karen via Compfight

7 thoughts on “My Favourite Animal

  1. Hi Amelia!
    Have you ever seen a real panda? I once saw this really funny video where this baby panda made his mum jump because the baby sneezed really loudly! 🙂 You should find that video and put it on your blog!

    From Claudia 🙂

  2. Hi Amelia,
    Your blog’s really good and i agree also! Everything’s alive right? I also think that we should not hunt pandas for their fur too!

    From, Fang Yu

  3. Hi Amelia!
    I agree with you that people should not be hunting pandas, but donating money for them. They are really cute animals and I think they are fluffy too.
    Annalisa C.

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