About Me!

Hi, I am Claudia and this is my blog!

As you can see I love dogs and we have two at home – a beagle called Cleo and a greyhound called Parsley! We also have a white cockatiel  called Percy.

I live in a house in Hobart with my younger brother Oscar, my Mum, my Dad and of course, Cleo, Parsley and Percy.

I am 10 years old and my birthday is on the twenty-second of March.

I go to a school in Hobart and I love it there!

Do you like dogs as much as me?

What is your favourite type of dog? Mine is an Australian Cattle Dog! Becca Ray [Adopted] KayVee.INC via Compfight

P.S This is not an Aussie cattle dog.

But this is!:


More Rather Funky GIFS!


Panting Changing
The Seaseme Street Dance

The Beat Givin’ Bee’s!
The Mox Fox


If you like these and you want them for your blog go to this website:

Happy GIF hunting!

My Name Train!



If you would like to do this for your blog go on to this website:http:http://www.heathersanimations.com/alphabetlist22.html

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Days Of The Week!












Where ever you are whatever day it is have a nice day!

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Esther’s Challenge!


Name: Blupper.

Gender: Boy.

Fave Food: Water melon.

Habitat: Class Music Island.

Likes: Listening to live classical music.

Dislikes: Loud heavy metal rock music.

Age: Two.

He is very shy and will always be shy. Also everyone on the island likes and dislikes the same things as him.



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Some more very Funny Ads!!!

I found all of these ads (except for the last one)  by watching Gruen I thought they were very funny, so I want to hear what you have to say!


P.S If you have any cool ads you would like me to put up on a post just leave a comment with the link a I will check it out.

The Funniest Ad Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I found this ad on a TV show called Gruen and I thought it was very funny!  I thought I could put it on my blog.

Enjoy! If you have a favourite add please let me know with the URL so that I can check it out. What do you think of this add?

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