My Post for Blog Action Day

Save water!

Would you like to go thirsty like the Californians? No, then save water!

Firstly, I believe that we should save water by dropping a brick in your toilet. I think this because in California alone, an estimated 203 million gallons of treated municipal drinking water are wasted every day due to an average flush volume of about 2.7 gallons, when compared to using modern ultra-low flush toilets, which require just 1.6 gallons.

Secondly, I believe this because if we all drop a rubber brick in our toilets we will save California 67 million gallons of water and in California there is a four year long drought that is still going. Californians are being told to not use as much water as they would use normally. I personally think this would be very hard, if you think about how much water we use every day.

And lastly, I urge you to believe that you should save water because some water reserves are drying up.


On this website it helps you learn how to use less water because in California there is a record-breaking drought.

This is the ad that inspired me to write about saving water:

 This video says how the drought started:

5 thoughts on “My Post for Blog Action Day

  1. Hi Claudia, Your jokes are so good. I love the dinousaur joke. Your “Diamante Poem” is awesome. How do you know Penelope? I have a busy week as well. I have got something on every day of the week, except Tuesday amd Friday as well. It looks like you have a very busy life. Why do you want to save California with their water?
    From Becky.

  2. Great piece of persuasive writing Claudia. I notice than Nestle who make chocolates and other lollies are using spring water in the San Bernardino Mountains in California to create their Arrowhead 100% Spring Water that you can buy in bottles.

    I have found links to the opposing sides in the debate, one from Nestle, the other is from an activist group

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