Parsley Update!


Unfortunately we had to take Parsley back to GAP (Greyhound Adoption Program) because he attacked another dog, here is the story:

Parsley pushed through the gate, sprinted up the street and ripped a chunk out of another greyhound’s leg. So he went back to GAP to get retrained and he will go to another owner that will hopefully take very good care of him. We miss him very much and Cleo misses him too!

DSC_0303Martyn Morgan via Compfight     Parsley looks a lot like this but it isn’t him!

Do any of you have a greyhound?

5 thoughts on “Parsley Update!

  1. Hi Claudia!
    I’m sorry you had to take Parsley back to the GAP (Greyhound Adoption Program) I hope this comment makes you feel better and when I next see Cleo I’ll try and make her feel better too. I know someone in Adelaide who fosters Greyhounds! I’ve got one question to ask you: were you fostering Parsley or did you own him?
    Best regards Ignatius.

  2. Hi Iggy,
    No we weren’t fostering him we did actually own him. It is very sad he had to go back. 🙁 Thanks for helping me and Cleo (I will tell Cleo about this post) feel better! 🙂


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