The Australian Cattle Dog!


Today we are talking about my favourite type of dog, an Australian Cattle Dog!

The Australian cattle dog or blue heeler is an amazing dog. They are extremely loyal pups and very cute! I like the blue speckled ones that look like this:Rock Inspection Ann (Helen) Devereux via Compfight

The other colours are: red, red speckled, red mottled, blue and blue mottled.

The ACD (Australian cattle dog) is the best dog ever! They make great pets, they are easy to train and incredibly loyal! In my opinion that is, you might like a different breed like a Cavillers King Charles spaniel or a Labrador but I like ACDs!



7 thoughts on “The Australian Cattle Dog!

  1. Claudia, I really like that you evaluate on why the cattle dog is your favorite type of dog, and your positivity. Keep on the good work

  2. Hi Everyone!
    If you have a favourite type of dog and you would like me to write a post about it, comment the breed and watch out for the post!


  3. Hi Claudia
    an Australian cattle dog sounds very interesting
    I wonder if you will foster one?
    I think an Australian cattle dog would wipe out toffee scary 🙁

  4. Dear Claudia, I also really love these breed of dogs. Even though I am not Australian myself I think they would make great pets. My favorite breed of dogs are actually German Shepherds! They are also very loyal and trusting. Do you have any other favorite dog breeds if so reply back to me and tell me. From, Josue

    • Hi Jouse! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I loved your story! 🙂 Watch out for a post on German Shepherds it will be coming soon!

      Claudia 🙂

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