Cooper, our Foster Dog!

Last week we had our foster dog. His name is Cooper, he is 1 and a half years old, he is a beagle cross and he likes to chew and rip things up. A lot. This is what he looks like:

He was constantly jumping on Cleo. She was quite relieved when some one looked into adopting him we don’t know if he was adopted yet.

This is a list of things Cooper chewed up:

1. A Nemo soft toy

2.His bed

3. Cleo’s bed

4. A book

5. A bit of my brother’s folder

6. He scratched up the doors and rug

7. A squeaky dog toy that we bought for Parsley

8. A lion dog toy that belonged to Parsley

This is his bed after the attack:

This is our living room on his first night sleeping at our house:

This is Cleo looking at Cooper looking slightly traumatized:

And this is Cooper again:

And again: In this photo he is being a bit cheeky because he was not supposed to be sitting on the couch!


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