The Final Countdown


The clock had started ticking.


I’m not ready for this.


I curl up into a ball.


Only on seven, phew!


Okay, maybe I do have to worry.


Oh no.




It’s really happening.


Help me.





I looked up at the shiny moon shimmering in the night sky. Three little cows started jumping over it.

I fainted.


Activity 6

Hi Everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t been doing activities lately. But here is one now!

In this activity you have to design an animal themed mechanism.

This is my ECCM:


Click to enlarge.


In this machine it collects and cleans eggs that the chicken lays.


Here are some ideas to make into machines:

  1. Horse Cleaner
  2. Sheep Rounder Upper er
  3. Fish Bowl Washer
  4. Bird Fun Time Thing


To make these machines use paint on the computer and publish it on your own blog (And send me the link of your blog!), or just draw a picture to entertain yourself.

ENJOY! ♥ 🙂


Shadow Pegasus

The night urged on for what seemed like an eternity,

A mare was in constant pain,

A small critter was crawling out,

Suddenly she didn’t feel injured,

She felt happy,

A dark foal had come out,


A few months later…


The pitch black pony darted around trying to make friends,

The animals walked around not even noticing him,

He realised what was happening when an absent-minded spikey hedgehog trudged through him,

‘You’re a shadow’ a voice whispered,

He was shocked and confused,

He jumped into the clouds,

Instead of falling straight down back to the dusty earth he stood,

He felt strong and sturdy,

He pranced around the clouds in pure joy,

He leapt down to earth but instead of landing with a thud he flew,

He flew down with his feathery grey wings spreading out and letting him glide,

He whinnyed with delight,

All the creatures looked up,

Even the birds stopped flying to stare in admiration,

To that day on all creatures big or small, feathered, furred or scaled could see the magnificent horse,

The Shadow Pegasus.

The Storm Horse

The harsh rain bucketed down,

Thunder crashed down to earth hitting a defenseless pine tree,

Foxes and rabbits hid in their warm, safe burrows,

Mother red breasts hurried back to their nests to feed their young,

All creatures feared the storm all except one,

A horse,

She was a beautiful Arabian the colour of a whirling tornado trying to desolate the earth,

Instead of fearing the rain, the lightning, the thunder, the storm,

She rejoiced,

As soon as she heard the first lightning strike she trotted out of her leafy shelter and began to dance,

She danced and danced until the storm was over she encouraged the other animals to do the same,

Squirrels bounced on their tippy-toes,

Lizards flicked their disarming tails,

Birds formed a circle in the sky,

The sun slowly rose upon the forest and the clearing,

The animals went back to their daily rituals,

The Storm Horse smiled and galloped into the horizon,

The animals never forgot the night that the fascinating Arabian horse lifted their spirits and taught them to enjoy the rain,

They still do and always will,

And every year the same horse comes by to perform in the annual dance to celebrate the storm.



I Am A Dolphin

I am a dolphin,

I see the aqua blue ocean spread out in every direction,

I hear the soft sound of the waves wander down towards the bay,

I smell the clean salt water seep into my nostrils,

I am dolphin,

I wonder if this life will always stay the same,

I pretend I am a bird flying above the taunting waves,

I cry in pure happiness,

I feel joyful and free,


I am trapped,

I see the white netting tangle around by soft, blue, leathery skin,

I hear the sound of men attempting to pull me into their strange boat,

I smell the disgusting smell of dead Flathead,

I am a dolphin,

I wonder if I am going to end up like that Flathead,

I pretend to be dead so they let me go,

I cry out loud for I am sick of being imprisoned,

I feel sad, are they going to kill me,


I am free,

I see a sharp, shiny object,

I hear the cut of the blade as a young girl demolishes the net,

I smell blood, is it mine,

I am free,

I wonder if I will see her again, she saved my life,

I pretend to ignore her but I can’t help looking back,

I cry in thanks,

I feel glad that I am back in the ocean,

I am a dolphin.




The Squirrel

He scurried up an ancient oak,

He twitched his head,

A wild cat stared at him from the ground,

Then the cat raced up the neighboring tree,

He ran further up the tree trying to escape the evil cat,

The cat just ran faster,

His heartbeat ran faster and faster by the second,

The ferocious cat growled menacingly,

He squeaked,

The cat was right on his tail,

He whimpered and ran,

They both knew…

The chase was on.



The Forest

Walking through the cold, misty forest, 

Step after step though I am going nowhere,

Leaves rustling,

Wolves howling,

Unfamiliar, cold air blowing against my face,

I hear the soft lapping of a nearby stream,

A hushed crackle comes from the ground below as I tread on dry twigs and leaves,

The ground begins to turn muddier,

I have never felt more alone in my life. 

Activity 5

Activity 4 Plan to catch SantaClick to enlarge.

Hi Bloggers,

I am going to start making my Activities more Christmassy.

This weeks Activity is to think up a plan to catch Santa.

Draw a diagram or use paint to show your plan.


Let’s see if you can catch Santa. ∼Esther♦