Some Room On The Broom Rhymes



Out of the lake came an old, old snake who said to the witch, “Is your cat awake”?


Out of the sea came a great big seal who was sitting and screeching on a tractor wheel!


Out of a cave came a flying bat who almost got squished by M.R. Pat.


From out of a house in Huon road came a big fat lumbering toad.



From out of a farm came a great old cow who said to frog “WOW do you know how!!!”



BAD 2015: Animal Cruelty Shouldn’t Be Allowed

animal abuse 1Animal Cruelty Shouldn’t Be Allowed


Did you know animal cruelty or animal abuse is what humans do when they want things like blubber, fur and things like that? The animals are forced to be hurt or even die. If you’re treating pets badly that’s animal abuse. Here’s an example. If you put animals in tiny cages and leave them they could get sick or die. Animal cruelty is horrible.

For instance would you like to be captured and put in a tiny cage and stay in there for ages until you get sick or die. Here’s some facts. People killed the Tasmanian Tiger because it was killing their sheep and they wanted their fur. Whalers killed whales because they wanted their blubber or oil. There are also people who try to stop animal abuse called PETA. There’re also people called sea shepherds who do the same thing, but they stop whalers by ramming so close to the whalers the boats crash right into their boats. 

I believe animal cruelty should be stopped!