BAD 2015: Animal Cruelty Shouldn’t Be Allowed

animal abuse 1Animal Cruelty Shouldn’t Be Allowed


Did you know animal cruelty or animal abuse is what humans do when they want things like blubber, fur and things like that? The animals are forced to be hurt or even die. If you’re treating pets badly that’s animal abuse. Here’s an example. If you put animals in tiny cages and leave them they could get sick or die. Animal cruelty is horrible.

For instance would you like to be captured and put in a tiny cage and stay in there for ages until you get sick or die. Here’s some facts. People killed the Tasmanian Tiger because it was killing their sheep and they wanted their fur. Whalers killed whales because they wanted their blubber or oil. There are also people who try to stop animal abuse called PETA. There’re also people called sea shepherds who do the same thing, but they stop whalers by ramming so close to the whalers the boats crash right into their boats. 

I believe animal cruelty should be stopped!


5 thoughts on “BAD 2015: Animal Cruelty Shouldn’t Be Allowed

  1. Great post for BAD2015. Many other students have mentioned animal abuse. Remember to leave a comment on the challenge blog telling me what you liked about doing the activity and include your post URL so others can visit your blog.

  2. I agree! The leaders of our countries need to make firm and strict rules about how you should treat animals with kindness and respect!

  3. An interesting post, Iggy. Unfortunately, animal abuse spreads far and wide. It is a issue that can be looked at from a small or large scale.

    We can all make a difference to stop animal cruelty by the everyday choices we make. Keep researching and thinking about it and you too will have an impact!

    I’m interested in finding out more current issues, such as food production and the cosmetic industry. A couple of the things you talk about happened many decades ago. What current issues can you think of? Also, what better food choices can you make to limit or stop cruelty to animals?

  4. Hello, Iggy!
    I agree with you 100%! Anyone who’s ever seen an ASPCA commercial knows this, and it is completely unacceptable that animal cruelty is still alive and well today. I recently became pescetarian, and did you know that if everyone in the world became vegetarian it would do more to stop climate change than if everyone in the world bought electric cars? This is because big meat corporations feed their cows things that are not grass, and this causes cows to produce a lot of methane, which is one of the greenhouse gases causing climate change. This is an excellent, informative post and I applaud your attention to detail. Here is the link to my school’s blog:

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