Some Room On The Broom Rhymes



Out of the lake came an old, old snake who said to the witch, “Is your cat awake”?


Out of the sea came a great big seal who was sitting and screeching on a tractor wheel!


Out of a cave came a flying bat who almost got squished by M.R. Pat.


From out of a house in Huon road came a big fat lumbering toad.



From out of a farm came a great old cow who said to frog “WOW do you know how!!!”



5 thoughts on “Some Room On The Broom Rhymes

    • Hi Juliana. I did talk about how interesting animals are in room on the broom. What we did in class is we read room on the broom by Julia Donaldson then we wrote some rhymes about some animals in room on the broom. Best regards Iggy.

  1. From out of the class came an old craggy teacher
    Who said “Wow Iggy! This page is a feature!

    From out of this class came a talented boy
    Who’s rhyming is a special joy!

  2. Hi Iggy,
    I love your poems. I’m thinking of posting my room on a broom poems.
    Out of those four poems, which one is your favourite.
    P.S. I love your penguin called Santa Claus.

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