Pictures of my cat Remy.


remy 2These are pictures of Remy at home under my bed the first one shows him awake and the second one shows his head sleeping.


Why I love Cats.

cat on blogThis is a picture of a cute kitten. When I first got my kitten Remy that is exactly what he looked like, I got him for my birthday from my uncle.

Now you might know that my blog is mostly about cats. Well I write about them because my old neighbour had a cat named Perse but she passed away and so she gave her cat to my parents, and then when I was born my parents got 2 chickens and 2 budgies. But I loved my cat more so then when we moved again my parents got a kitten again and we called her Olivia and when she got older she had 3 kittens. A black one, a grey one and a white one. Then we sold them except Olivia and the black one and then Olivia had another 3 kittens a striped 1 a black 1 and I think it was a grey 1, and then we moved to Hobart and got a kitten.

So that is my story of why I love cats.


All about me.2

1. My name is Ines and I am 8 this year. I left Brisbane in March 2015. I played netball there.  When I left the big game was on and my team won!!! My team sent down a trophy and a medal and of course a netball and a T-shirt.

2. My favourite animals are cats birds and horses. My favourite is the cat because they are so cute when they are kittens. Every night my cat Remy sleeps with me at night under the blankets.

3. My favourite sport is netball because it is really fun and my team is called the RADAIRS and the best thing is that all my best friends are there!!! The only thing is that I missed the big game in Brisbane, and I really wanted to play with my friends…

4. What I love doing. I love doing art, swimming, reading and most of all playing the violin. Oh I forgot to tell you I played violin in Brisbane. It is too bad that I can’t find to play it in Tassie. I really love the violin…But my parents said I could learn something else!!!


Bye for now.



There are 5000 million cats that are still alive in the world.

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. They can live a long life.

Cats and kittens are very playful and they love you and they don’t want to leave your side.

The only thing you can’t do with cats is that you can’t walk them. That might be the bad thing.

Cats use most of their time licking themselves to keep them clean because they don’t have baths and showers like us.

Cats have flexible bodies and teeth adapted for hunting small animals such as mice and rats.

The best thing about cats are they can snuggle up with you up in bed and they can keep you compony if your scared of the dark.


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Terrified 2!!


Once upon a time there was a girl called Ella. She had very nice parents.

One stormy night her parents just disappeared. Then all of a sudden 2 powerful monsters appeared. They put on her parent’s clothes and tried to act like them. Ella was scared but she new they were not her real parents, so she decided to act like she knew them.

One night she spied on the monsters but they could smell her. They said nothing
(which was their plan). Ella pretended to call the police on a fake phone. But when
Ella got to her room she could smell something fishy so she knew it was the
monsters and not her real parents. She got a fake phone to make it sound
like she called the police. Luckily the monsters didn’t know it was a
fake phone so after the monsters left the room, Ella was very smart and
put on these clothes so the monsters couldn’t smell her.
Ella plugged her head phones in her phone so the monsters couldn’t hear. But
the police car made a noise which the monsters heard and they turned the police into zombies!!!!!!!

Ella was trapped with no where to go. Ella was scared. Where would she
go now???

Chapter 2

Luckily her pet dog Ginger rescued her but after a fight with the
monsters Ginger sacrificed herself, so Ella was on her own again.
Without Ginger there was no one she could trust and if she couldn’t trust
anyone how could she find her parents???

But then she remembered her neighbours, so they were someone
she could trust. Or could she???

Ella went to her neighbours and asked if they would help, but then she
could smell something fishy again so she knew they weren’t her real
neighbours! What would Ella do now? There was no one else she knew and
now she has to find her real neighbours and her parents, so it was even

Where would they be…..

Chapter 3

Then Ella saw something flashing so she went to the flashing
light. She found her parents but they were in a big cage. How was she
going to get them out? Ella’s mum pointed to where the key was so Ella
saw that the key was on the hook but there were guards blocking the
way. The guards saw Ella and then one of the guards stabbed Ella in
the back!!!

So Ella was gone and she was a spirit but then Ella from the future
came to take her place.

The End

About Me

My name is Ines. I was in grade three in Brisbane, but went back to grade two because it went by age in my new school. I am 8.  When I grow up I want to work at Smiggle and also be a vet because I love animals.  My favourite subject at school is art and writing and I love writing stories but sometimes I like to keep some of mine a secret.

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