Why I Like Travelling

I like to travel because it’s fun and you get to see the world around you. Travelling is a great and can be very relaxing. My favourite thing about travelling is is being outside and getting to know whats around you. There are many ways to get around like by plane, train, car, bus, boat and so on. My favourite way to travel so far is probbably by plane. My favourite place I have seen so far is Tasmazia which I will write about. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and looking at the pictures as well. Do you like to travel?

12 thoughts on “Why I Like Travelling

  1. G’day Madeleine,
    I love travelling. For these school holidays, I am off to Wilpena Pound in SOuth Australia. I always take a little Tasmanian Devil soft toy with me and he has his own blog about travelling. He gets a bit behind though and forgets to write about where we have been.


    • Madeleine

      Hi Miss W.
      I do have a favourite toy that I take everywhere with me.
      The only place I don’t take it is school.
      Its name is Bunny. I called it that because it is a Bunny.
      I got Bunny this year in April at Easter from my grandmother.
      The colour of my bunny is purple but the ears and bottom of its feet have blue flowers. Does your Tasmanian Devil like blogging?

  2. Hi Madeleine,
    I love your theme for your blog. Although I think the picture at the top looks a bit lonely. Except all the warm colours in the picture makes it look really nice. Your travel clock completely matches the theme plus has a city on it, so it looks like someone could travel there. If you could choose one place in the whole world to go, where would it be?

    • Madeleine

      Hi Penelope,
      I think my favourite place in the world would probably be California,
      Because I have never been there before. But I was going to go next year but I didn’t. California is my favourite place because I was born there Because my mum and dad used to travel a lot and that’s were I ended up. If you were traveling around the world were would you go and why?

      • I’d probably go to Venice because of its floatation. And they say a flood happens every now and then. I’d probably like to experience a Venetian flood. Would you like to go to Venice when you’re older?

  3. Madeleine

    Hi Penelope,
    I think my favourite place to go is probably be California.
    California is my favourite place because I was born there.
    I was going to go there this year but we didn’t go.
    Why I was born in California is because my parents used to travel around the world.
    If you travelled around the world were would you go?

  4. gou20matthew

    I love your blog. I like traveling too.
    Were have you travelled too so far?

  5. gou19ines

    Hi Maddy, I like your pet fish and your ginger bread girl it is a good idea to make it a girl.

    But dose your fish ever get fat if you feed it to much?

    From Ines.

  6. MAdison

    I love your post. i love traveling. I also love california. Have you ever been to Disneylnd???

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