3 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Food?

  1. Hi Maddy,
    I love the idea of using a poll to figure out what peoples favourite food is. What did you vote for on your poll? I found it hard to decide between popcorn and fish and chips. I finally chose fish and chips because its healthier than popcorn. Looking forward to more great posts.

  2. Madeleine

    Hi Penelope,
    I think I voted for popcorn.
    But that was when I made the eyes blink.
    Do you remember the time when we went to the theatre and got a huge bag of butter popcorn?
    I was the biggest bag of pop I had ever seen.
    What would like the most?

  3. Uncle Kurt & Aunty Julie

    Hi Maddy,

    The school year is almost over and now , you must be very excited. It is ma’s birthday today and uncle Kurt and I are having a birthday tea at her house in Melbourne. Everyone is looking forward to your visit next week. Hope you get over your cold! We don’t want it!

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