BAD 2015 Help girls like Kema

Why we should raise money for girls who are forced to get married when young.

I strongly believe that people should raise money to help girls in Africa to stop them from getting married when they are young.

We don’t allow legal marriage until eighteen.

Firstly, I certainly believe this because when married young they will not be able to build a big vocabulary because they will be out of school. They also need more time to learn and study. When they are forced to get married when young they just get partnered up with people they don’t know.

Secondly the person they are forced to marry could treat them with abuse and neglect.

Thirdly they might not be able to get a job and work to get food or water as well as a place to sleep apart from the ground.

Do you understand what it would be like to get married when you are young, have your own kid when young and suffer abuse when young? It would not feel that good at all and never will.







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