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Hi everyone. Welcome to my travel Diary. I hope you enjoy looking at the sites of Melbourne and Hobart.


First, I’ll tell you a bit about Port Arthur historic site. One weekend I went to Port Arthur

Port Arthur is one of the oldest prisons in Tasmania. Before, Port Arthur used to be a timber station. Port Arthur got its name from George Arthur who was the lieutenant governor of Tasmania. The British criminals who stole again were sent to Port Arthur. Some people were sent there because they stole 21 umbrellas, bread, horses or a hanky.


When we arrived at Port Arthur, we got some cards to match with a prisoner from Port Arthur. My prisoner threw a rock at his overseer (boss).

We went and explored the sites. Here are some pictures I took.

The first site we explored was the jail (penitentiary).


We then went to the Hospital.

The Hospital

We also went to the guard tower and the officers’ quarters.

Guard tower


This is another picture of the Policeman’s house.

Policemens house

There is also a museum


Next we went to the church you can sign a book.

We went on a cruise on Mason Cove.

mason cove

Thank you for reading about Port Arthur.



What is Zoo-Doo? Well Zoo-Doo is a wildlife park in Richmond Tasmania.  Richmond is a 35 minute drive from Hobart. Zoo-Doo has quite a lot of animals. There are two snakes and lizards. There are also big cats, white African lions and Bengal tigers. In the indoor animal nursery there are rabbits, piglets, guinea pigs, miniature ponies and birds. At the farm yard there are goats, sheep, chickens and ducks (you can feed them if you what). They have monkeys that play on types of equipment. They have native Australian animals like kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, emu’s and Tasmanian devils. You can feed the Wallaby’s and Kangaroos, that is if you what. You can also go on a safari bus tour and you will get a cup or paper bag with animal food in it. You will get to feed llamas, Alpacas, Emus, Ostriches and camels. I got to pat a Zebra. Their colour is first brown and then changes to black. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures I took.

Thanks for reading!
On the sarfari tour bus we fed these zebras some grains.


This wallaby has a baby in its pouch.


These two Tasmanian devils are fighting over their food. They don’t have very good eye sight. They have 40 babies but only 5 survived.

Tas Devil


These animals are from the farm yard.  I think they look cute.

farm yard


This emu is eating his food out of a cup.

These are some African lions,  Bakari and Kiara.  They have had some lion cubs. This is good because there aren’t many White African Lions in the world.

Bakari and Kiara


lion cubs


This is a koala in a tree.

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