BAD2015 Stop Smoking

People Should Stop Smoking Right Away

Did you know that scientists have estimated that around 440,000 American smokers have died from smoking related diseases and problems? In Australia, around 15,000 die for the same reason. So stop smoking right away!

Why do people think that smoking is good? Why should smoking exist in the first place? IT’S NOT GOOD FOR ANYONE! Cigarettes are a health risk to anyone who smokes.

If you’ve ever seen a picture of someone’s teeth who’s been smoking, they look completely horrid.

Here’s a list of the health problems smoking can cause: Heart attacks and lung cancer, cancer of the kidney, throat, mouth, liver and bladder. How disgusting does this cigarette look?BAD2015 pexels

And another reason, is air pollution. The smoke is not only bad for them, but bad for the non-smokers. It’s unfair that the people who smoke ruin more than their breathing system. The smoke invades their lungs.

Obviously, each time you smoke a cigarette, it usually becomes a disgusting piece of litter. In fact, whether you dropped it on the ground or put it in the bin, it pollutes the ground.

I know that cigarettes cost loads of money, and that means that people don’t have enough money to get along in their average human life.

It all sums up to, smaller amounts of human beings on the planet, and that YOU SHOULD NEVER SMOKE!

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5 thoughts on “BAD2015 Stop Smoking

  1. Hi Penelope i know haw bad it is to smoke because my dad use to smoke but he doesn’t any more but he will probably at Christmas. He has been smoking for about 20 or 30 or 40 years. It stinks like mad I hate it. My mum only smoked when she was a teenager and she only smoked a packet. Good thing she does not smoke now or else it would drive me mad, I do not think I will ever smoke because it stinks and it is so bad for you. Did your parents ever smoke in there lives?

  2. No Maude,
    Thankfully, my parents have never smoked. They know how bad it is so they don’t smoke. I completely doubt you’ll smoke when you’re older.
    Have you ever done persuasive writing like this?

  3. Penelope,
    What a great piece of persuasive writing! I have never smoked and I don’t like the smell of it on people’s breath or in their clothes.

    Did you know Tasmania was the first state to ban smoking in indoor places? Also from January 2008, you could be fined $110 for smoking in a car with children under 18 years old present?

  4. Well I’m happy that Tasmania was the first place to ban it and I did know that rule about smoking in a car. I hate the smell too. Thanks for the compliment. Out of 1 and 10, how much do you hate smoking?

  5. I like this post and all the information. I can relate to this post because I have people in my family that smoke and it stinks and is nasty. I tell them to stop because it can do bad things to you and you shouldn’t do it but they don’t listen. Great post I really like how you had a picture and facts and information about it. You should come visit my blog sometime

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