A Halloween Poem

 Gouls and Ghosts

The Working Colony


giovzaid85 via Compfight

At night

Get a fright!

Interruption in your sleep,

Don’t look under your bed,

Don’t even take a peek,

Monster awaiting,


Ready to have a feast!

Termites crawling north, south and east,

Ghosts flying past your windows,

Witches on brooms,

Vampires hiding in all of the rooms!

And last of all,

My worst nightmare,

A skeleton party,

So let’s BEWARE!


BTW, I don’t know why the termites weren’t crawling west. 😀



8 thoughts on “A Halloween Poem

    • Hi Jacquelyn,
      just thought you might be interested in my new inventing a fruit post. You might even be the first one to comment on that post and give me an idea. Because all the ideas posted in a comment will be put in a post on my fruit and veg page. Keep on visiting. 😀

  1. Hi Penelope. My name is Sam. I like how your poem rhymes and the subject. I like to write poems that rhyme for school as well. Do you have terminates where you live or in Australia? Also, do they crawl west?

    • Thanks Sam,
      I have no idea whether they crawl west. I expect so. I’m not sure whether we have termites where I live either.
      Looking forward to more comments!

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