The woods stand thick, dark and gloomy. But the woods weren’t always that dark and sad. There once stood a little cottage, full of laughter and happiness… But it stands no longer. Now it’s a wreckage, black and scorched from fire, and crumbled from age. ’Till this day, the story has not been told.


A little cottage stood in a clearing of trees, with a thin layer of leaves creating a roof above people’s heads. Light shone through the leaves casting a bright green light onto everything below.

That cottage wasn’t a dark and crumbled place back then. It was a home to a merry family. A family of four. The mother was named Milly, the father Bill and twins named Harry and Zara. They loved to laugh and play and bring happiness to the woods. They made friends with little woodland creatures and cared for the plants that surrounded them. One day, they were having a picnic just outside their cottage when they heard the sound of thumping and roaring coming from the inside of their house.


Milly sl-ow-ly opened the door and what met her eyes … drove her mad! One by one they were driven mad, lighting torches and setting the place on fire. They all went down in flames with their house.

People are still suspicious about what caused their madness. It is believed that it was an unknown monster from Jotunheim, the outer world of huge stomping giants. They think that it might be one of the animals that lives in the land of Jotunheim.

And so the cottage stands today, still ringing with their mad laughter, a wreckage, black and scorched from fire. People think that the attacker still lurches in the shadows; waiting, for its next victim.

By Penelope

4 thoughts on “The FRIGHT!

    • Hi Lia,
      I’ve typed up a story already, and it’ll be on my blog in about a week. You might want to check that one out. Its called what happens when you leave someone behind. It includes a baby monkey, tiger and mother monkey.

        • Hi Lia,
          I’m also making a Christmas story that I haven’t started yet. You might be interested in that once I get it on my blog. It will be great to see what you think of it when you visit my blog. Will you read it?

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