An Interesting Fact About The Hydrangea

Have you ever seen the colours of the hydrangea? If you have, you probably know that hydrangeas come in many different colours. Except do you know what causes their colour variation?

Hydrangea 2Creative Commons License flickrheather via Compfight

The colour of the hydrangea depends on the soil type its in. The soil acidity level can change the colour of your hydrangea. For example, if you put iron around the garden bed of your hydrangeas, it would turn them blue:

Here,.. A Hundred Flowers..... -Reji via Compfight

Just remember, if you want your hydrangeas to stay blue, you must put down iron or aluminium every month. 

pink hydrangeaCreative Commons License liz west via Compfight

If you want a pink hydrangea you need to make sure that you put 1/2 a cup of garden sulphur onto the soil the hydrangeas are planted in and then water it in.

If you have any questions about the hydrangea, feel free to ask me and I should get back to you with an answer soon afterwards.

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