Pollution and Where it Goes!

Pollution is destroying our planet and is making our landscape change. I think that people ought to know what is happening. When people drop rubbish, it will blow around in the wind and land on the ground or in rivers. Sometimes, the rubbish will end up in rivers that flow into the ocean where fish and seabirds eat this rubbish, (mostly plastic.) The Pacific Ocean has a special patch that has even been named. This is called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. There are thousands upon thousands of tons of garbage in this area. Here’s a┬ávideo to show you about this Patch:

The plastic sand in this video makes you wonder what it would be like to walk on a plastic beach if this patch got too bad. So please try and reduce the amount of waste you are throwing out. Some plastics are recyclable so look for a recycle sign on items. You can look at my post named “How Recycling Helps the World” for further information on recycling.

Thank you!

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  1. Hey Penny. At St Mary’s we just went to the sustainability center and learnt about where pollution goes to. It floats out to the ocean around America. Great work!

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