About Me

Hi, I’m Penelope.

I have a passion for nature, (particularly plants as you can see.) I live in Tasmania, the corner island of Australia. The city I live in is the capital city of Tasmania called Hobart. I am 10 years old and in grade 4. I have two siblings with, of course my parents. My siblings are both very annoying big brothers, but sometimes they can be all right.

I do an activity almost every day of the week if its after school. The only days after school I have free are Monday and Tuesday which are the days I just read a book or something like that. If I’m not reading a book, the first activity I’ll turn to is blogging. Blogging is something I like just as much as plants and nature.

All the activities I do after school are the following: Gymnastics, Ballet (Ball-ay) and Indian Dancing.

Anyway, that’s me. Have fun reading my blog of nature!

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