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Hi, I’m Penelope.

I have a passion for nature, (particularly plants as you can see.) I live in Tasmania, the corner island of Australia. The city I live in is the capital city of Tasmania called Hobart. I am 8 years old and in grade 2. I have two siblings with, of course my parents. My siblings are both very annoying big brothers, but sometimes they can be all right.

I do an activity almost every day of the week if its after school. The only day after school I have free is “Monday” which is the day I just read a book or something like that. If I’m not reading a book, the first activity I’ll turn to is blogging. Blogging is something I like just as much as plants and nature.

All the activities I do after school are the following: Swimming, Gymnastics, Ballet (Ball-ay) and Indian Dancing.

Anyway, that’s me. Have fun reading my blog of nature!

22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, Penelope, and welcome to the Edublogs challenge! I am Cyndi, your mentor, and I will be following your progress and encouraging you along the way. Your blog looks beautiful. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see what great things you have in store!

  2. Hi Penelope! I really enjoyed looking at your blog. If you have time, you should definitely check out our class blog. The URL is

  3. Hi Penelope,
    My uncle travels to Australia often. He brought me home a stuffed animal kangaroo. Do you see Kangaroos often? What other animals do you have in Australia? Do you have any pets? Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Jessica,
      I don’t see kangaroos often, except I’ve fed them before. Yes, I do have pets. I have two cats, Hutchie, and Gretel. One of Tasmania’s native animals is the Tasmanian devil. Here’s a list of animals that are native to Australia: kangaroos, koalas, platypus and echidnas.
      Please keep on checking my blog, for I will be updating it regularly.

  4. Dear Penelope,
    Hi I am Jada. I am 8 and I am in third grade. I have 1 sibling. I love your blog! I also love nature to. I hope you vist my blog!


  5. Hey Penelope!
    I’m Sarah and I really like this About Me post. I really love nature and swimming just like you, I love going to swimming practice every other night. I think your blog is really cool!
    I’m a little bit jumbled but I would love it if you checked out my blog!

    • Hi Sarah,
      I think its kind of funny that we have that sort of similarity. I don’t like swimming that much though. Because I have to swim a fifty meter lap for one hour each lesson. Sometimes I even have to do double laps of freestyle and my side gets really sore all the time. And that’s why swimming is one of my hobbies and not something I love.
      Looking forward to more comments.

  6. Hi Penelope,
    My name is Trinity and I live in America.
    I love your About Me page and I can’t help but notice that I have some things in common with you. I also share a (not very known) passion for nature. If I could, I would spend an entire day just sitting under a tree in the middle of nowhere reading or drawing. I also have an older brother who is quite the pain to deal with.

  7. Dear Penelope,
    Hi I’m Carissa. I like to be out in nature, to see all of what is living out side.
    I also have a brother and a sister. I like to read books.My favorite book is Number the stars by Louis Lowry. Do you like to read?


    • Well just as well you asked that question because I would have told you anyway… I LOVE TO READ! So it seems that we have at least one similarity.
      Looking forward to more comments.

  8. Hi Penelope, I’m Halle and I’m 13, I live in the USA. I love how you do so much after school and you’re so involved in everything, that’s awesome! I also have a brother and he can get annoying, but he’s okay at times. Also is Indian Dancing hard because I’ve never done it before, but it sounds cool! You should come check my blog out! http://haller20.edublogs.org/

  9. Penelope, my name is Lauren and I am from the United States. Your blog is absolutely incredible! We actually have a lot in common because I also love swimming and spending time in nature. If I lived in beautiful Australia, I would probably want to be outdoors all day! What is your favorite part about living in Australia?

    • Hi Lauren,
      this might sound a bit funny, but one of the reasons I like living in Australia is that there are no tsunamis or typhoons in Australia. Check out my “Natural Disasters” page for more about them.

  10. Hi Penny, great to se your awesome blogs… I’ve enjoyed flicking through and reading your thoughts, ideas and creative writing. Love the bit about your big annoying brothers πŸ™‚ N

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    • Hi Gary,
      Sorry for the incredibly late response, I haven’t posted or replied on my blog for around 2 years now, (shocking right?)
      Anyway, I was very interested in your comment about coffee grounds. Apparently, tea leaves have the same sort of effect and are a good fertilizer for acid loving plants! I put used tea leaves in the compost.
      One of the other aspects I find interesting is that coffee grounds have the same effect on hydrangeas as iron does. I plan on rewriting some of my old posts and I will definitely include this to my hydrangea post.
      And as a cat lover, I found the last section very informative and handy if your cats are entirely indoors.

      I can’t really suggest anything currently, though I’ll inform you by commenting on my blog again if I think of anything.

      Thanks for commenting!

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