Looking Further Into Plants


The Rafflesia is a huge flower that likes to have flies pollinate it. The way it gets the flies to pollinate it is its revolting smell of ROTTING MEAT!

Pollenia sp. Marcello Consolo via Compfight

The flies smell the meat and fly over to find it. They crawl over the flower in search of the meat only to get covered in pollen, and that’s the way it delivers the pollen to somewhere else. Here’s a picture of the actual flower:

Rafflesia, BorneoCreative Commons License Rod Waddington via Compfight

The normal place you’ll find a Rafflesia is on the rainforest floor.

But don’t go near it, because as you have heard; it smells of rotting meat!


Fruits come in different categories. The first category I’ll talk about, is the melon category.

This melon category consists of watermelon, rockmelon, casaba, honeydew and casaba. Fruits like that with a lot of seeds and thick skin. Here’s a picture of a watermelon:

CIMG2198Creative Commons License max takaki via Compfight

The next category I’ll talk about is the citrus fruit category. Things like kumquats, lemon, grapefruits, orange, tangerines and limes. They usually have a sort of inner thin skin called a membrane. The membrane divides the inside of the fruit into little pieces that you might call segments. Here’s a picture of a lemon:

LemonCreative Commons License Andrew Magill via Compfight

As you can see in this picture, the membrane is dividing it into segments.

The last category I’ll talk about, is the tropical fruits category.

It has fruits in it like avocados, coconut, bananas, figs, dates, guavas, mangoes, papayas, mangos, pineapples, pomegranates and kiwi. The tropical fruits grow in warm conditions. Here’s a picture of my favourite fruit, the mango, which is a tropical fruit:

Mango Fruits aries0112 via Compfight

although there are other categories of fruit like berries, pits and cores; I won’t go through them because then we’d all get bored.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Fruity Ideas From Some Of My Visitors


The name of my fruit is a Bliller.

It has a tiled texture.

The colour of my fruit is bluey-green.

It tastes like an apple but it is sweeter.

There is no skin to take off so you eat the skin.

It is around 10cm long and 5cm wide.


My made up fruit is a Banacado.

It is half banana and half avocado.

It looks like a banana but when you open it is green and it has a pip in the middle like an avocado.

It tastes like an avocado mixed with butter.

They grow on big trees and fall to the ground when they are ripe.


My fruit is called a Snapple, because tastes a bit like an apple mix with blueberries,
strawberries and pineapple.

My fruit is a type of mixed of colours.

I think is every single colour in order.

It is three centimetres tall and two centimetres wide.

It has edible skin but tastes better without.

Ines-Puffer, Puffer Fruit

My made up fruit is called a Puffer, Puffer Fruit.

It grows in Puff grass.

When you eat it, it just taste’s like air and then it Explodes!

It looks like a rain bowed coloured pear.

So those are the ideas from my visitors!
Nicholas and Esther have some activities too.


Four Fun Fruit And Veg Facts

Did you know that a tomato is actually a fruit?

Did you know that with the paw paw fruit, you used to have two trees to have male and female fruit, but now you only need one?

Did you know that all the food that grows on plants above the ground, is a fruit?

Did you know that all the food that grows underground, is a vegetable?


Fruit ‘n’ Veg Lists

Welcome to my “Fruits and Vegetables” page.

First off, we’ll have a fruit list.

Apple, banana, pear, grape, grapefruit, tangerine, mandarin, orange, kumquat, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, mulberry, lemon, lime, kiwi, dragon fruit, capsicum, tomato and all the other food that grows off plants, above the ground.

May 23, 2006: CherriesCreative Commons License Matt McGee via Compfightmore peas Lucy Crosbie via Compfight

Now a vegetable list.

Eggplant, celery, carrot, potato, beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, and all the other foods that grow on plants under ground.


So, those are my fruit ‘n’ veg lists.

Hope you enjoyed.