Eight Month Time Lapse

This is really cool! This video shows an acorn over eight months, growing into a seedling.

At my school, we’ve got an oak tree over one hundred years old. I’ll put a picture of the one hundred year old tree in this post.

Its quite amazing really. How such a tiny little acorn can turn into a huge and fully grown tree.


Here’s the tree I was talking about.

P1000744 P1000745P1000746




The Uses Of Trees

There are lots of uses of trees, (as you probably know.)

So, here are all the uses of trees I can think of.

  1. Sculpting
  2. Paper and Books
  3. Furniture
  4. The Fruit on the Trees for Food
  5. Building
  6. Animal Homes

If you can think of any more uses, please leave them in a comment.

Here is a picture to show you what amazing sculpting people can use on wood from the trees.

Branches Albert via Compfight


Hello and WELCOME, to my trees post.

Please enjoy the following!

How about some interesting pictures?

Castle path Mo via Compfight

Zach Creative Commons LicenseDischner via Compfight

Toy Truck         DSCN1440_ Ivo Ivov via Compfight


Next, a video, of some of the strangest trees on earth:

I won’t do a tree list, because that would go on forever. So now, time for a quiz, and  don’t scroll down any further than the third question until you’ve thought up the answer in your head.


  1. This tree has a three letter name, the first letter of its name is o and the last letter is k.
  2. What type of tree, keeps its green leaves through the whole year, without losing them in autumn or winter?
  3. It is one of the top ten, strangest trees on earth, its name can also be a large lighting appliance and its name starts with c.






  1. Oak
  2. Evergreen
  3. Chandelier