About Me

Hi, I’m Penelope.

I have a passion for nature, (particularly plants as you can see.) I live in Tasmania, the corner island of Australia. The city I live in is the capital city of Tasmania called Hobart. I am 10 years old and in grade 4. I have two siblings with, of course my parents. My siblings are both very annoying big brothers, but sometimes they can be all right.

I do an activity almost every day of the week if its after school. The only days after school I have free are Monday and Tuesday which are the days I just read a book or something like that. If I’m not reading a book, the first activity I’ll turn to is blogging. Blogging is something I like just as much as plants and nature.

All the activities I do after school are the following: Gymnastics, Ballet (Ball-ay) and Indian Dancing.

Anyway, that’s me. Have fun reading my blog of nature!

A Halloween Poem

 Gouls and Ghosts

The Working Colony


giovzaid85 via Compfight

At night

Get a fright!

Interruption in your sleep,

Don’t look under your bed,

Don’t even take a peek,

Monster awaiting,


Ready to have a feast!

Termites crawling north, south and east,

Ghosts flying past your windows,

Witches on brooms,

Vampires hiding in all of the rooms!

And last of all,

My worst nightmare,

A skeleton party,

So let’s BEWARE!


BTW, I don’t know why the termites weren’t crawling west. 😀



Extinct Species Of Animals

Hi Everyone,

In this post I’m going to talk about the Tasmanian Tiger and how they became extinct. I decided to do a post on this animal because they’re native to the state I live in.

The Tasmanian Tiger mainly died because we were hunting them. Here are some facts about the Tasmanian Tiger. The last Tasmanian Tiger died in captivity in a Hobart zoo, and, Tasmanian Tigers usually feed on possums. Scientists are trying to bring them back to life with DNA from the Tasmanian Devil. Here’s a video about Tasmanian Tigers and how they still might be alive.


BAD2015 Stop Smoking

People Should Stop Smoking Right Away

Did you know that scientists have estimated that around 440,000 American smokers have died from smoking related diseases and problems? In Australia, around 15,000 die for the same reason. So stop smoking right away!

Why do people think that smoking is good? Why should smoking exist in the first place? IT’S NOT GOOD FOR ANYONE! Cigarettes are a health risk to anyone who smokes.

If you’ve ever seen a picture of someone’s teeth who’s been smoking, they look completely horrid.

Here’s a list of the health problems smoking can cause: Heart attacks and lung cancer, cancer of the kidney, throat, mouth, liver and bladder. How disgusting does this cigarette look?BAD2015 pexels

And another reason, is air pollution. The smoke is not only bad for them, but bad for the non-smokers. It’s unfair that the people who smoke ruin more than their breathing system. The smoke invades their lungs.

Obviously, each time you smoke a cigarette, it usually becomes a disgusting piece of litter. In fact, whether you dropped it on the ground or put it in the bin, it pollutes the ground.

I know that cigarettes cost loads of money, and that means that people don’t have enough money to get along in their average human life.

It all sums up to, smaller amounts of human beings on the planet, and that YOU SHOULD NEVER SMOKE!

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The Differences Between Blogging Me, And Real Me

When I blog, I’ll be out and about lots and lots of blogs whenever I can, but when I’m at home in the real world, I’ll be quite quiet. But one similarity is that I like going places. Although, I only like going places if the drive isn’t long, or the place we’re going is actually interesting.

So, those are my similarities and differences.