Humans Should Have the Right to Say or do the Things They Want

Why on earth would someone have to be poor? Everyone should help poor people around the globe.

Firstly, why should people be tortured, executed or even killed for doing something that’s not a crime? I strongly believe that’s just plain bad. It will have to stop right this minute! I certainly feel that it should be a crime and all people who do it should be thrown in jail right this second.

Secondly, why should someone have to be poor? In food terms they would be in desperate hunger. In money terms they wouldn’t be able to afford anything. And in home terms they would be homeless. So everyone; help poor people.

Thirdly, help poor people in whatever way you can. You could give some poor people some clothes you don’t need any more. And you could give some poor people some food and money. You could send a letter to some people that give out torture, executions and killings to persuade them to stop it.

In conclusion, you should help poor people and you should help stop people getting tortured, executed or killed.

3 thoughts on “Humans Should Have the Right to Say or do the Things They Want

  1. I defientaly agree with you. No one in this world should be poor. There is this one saying that i love: Without money every one would be ritch.

  2. A good piece of persuasive writing Vinnie.

    Some people who we might consider poor live very healthy and useful lives without all those things we take for granted that money can buy. But money can always help enrich the lives of other people.

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