its funneh

ItsFunneh is a famous youtuber. She’s got three sisters and one brother. They are youtubers as well. They’re called: Rainbow, Gold, Funneh, Lunar, Draco. ItsFunneh has over a million subscibers. She plays ROBLOXS and Minecraft. I love her. She’s cool and funny! Please watch one of her videos. Her favrouite colour is blue.


Hi i’m Georgina, i’ve got a lot of friends and some have blogs too. I would like you to go on Olive’s and Ida’s blogs. There AWESOME! My hobbies are soccer, skating and art. I really want a pet dog, a mini schnauzer called Demi. When I grow up I want to be a youtuber, I love its funneh I will do a post on her soon.                           bye

Brandy (2001-2017) Keith Williams via Compfight