Im a Youtuber!

Hi guys its me, and guess what, I’m a youtuber! I do role-play, vlogs and 3am vids. But I need help. It would be great if you guys could subscribe to me, my channel is:Lunar moon13. Mrs moore has a youtube channel too! I just want to let you guys know cause I need some help. Bye! 😉😎

Helping new bloggers! – ( how to blog )

If you have a brand new edublog and you don’t know much about blogging, here’s a guide list on how to blog. Through parts I will give you examples from my blog. Are you ready! GO!

First you need a Theme.

In the left corner at the top you will find a bunch of words and your blog name:Hover over it and you will see it says: dashboard, theme, widgets and menus. Click on “theme”. When you’re on “theme” click on “mobile friendly” and pick a theme. I chose cherry blossom, I wonder what you will choose?

Naming your blog (includes tagline)

Go on dashbord and see settings hover over it and click on Genral. Write in site tile your blog name. Mine is Georgina’s blogging journey.                                           While your’re there, you will see Tagline. The Tagline is under your Title saying something about your blog. You don’t have to have a Tagline. Ida dose not have a Tagline but I do. Mine is join Georgina’s big Adventure.


Post are very important. what your reading now is a post. When your writing the title you need to have a capital for every word except for little words like and. Always do a capital letter. When you are fished press stamp for review. If you aren’t fished then press save draft. Its best if your teacher puts it on. When you need to go on a saved post hover over it. Press all posts and hover over your post it will say: edit, quick edit trash and view. Click edit and do what you need.


You know when I said hover over the title, click on widgets. Widgets go on your side bar. Click on second widget and put things like pets over blogs and more I will show you later.


Links are useful for getting on to over sites. You have link categories. My link categories are blogging help, fun games and learning games. Once you have a category you can have a link! Copy the site at the top, go back on your blog and go onto dashboard where it says links. Click on add new, add a title. paste your website. scroll down and add it to a category. Then press add link.

Done! Now you know the basic start blogging! I will do more post on blogging but that’s time up now,


What Will Happen Next?

This is a GAME that I made up. And there is a story.You need to help me write it! I will write a part … then its your turn to write in the comments. Maybe I will use your idea in the real story. Good luck. Are you ready. GO!

Chapter One

Once there was a family of koalas and they had a little koala called Will. One day Will went to a pond with his friend Wally. Wally is a wombat. As they looked in the pond they saw something rising up from the water and then Wally just disappeared! Will was scared, but knew his friend needed help so he set off. Will saw a cave and went in but then he heard a piercing scream!

The question is… what will happen next?


My Favourite Animals :D

I love all animals. Some are deadly. Some are cute.

This is a list of my top ten favrouite animals

  • dogs
  • koalas
  • birds
  • cats
  • bunnies
  • owls
  • penguins 
  • dophins
  • butterflies
  • lizards 

As you can see I can’t decide! My only pet at the moment is Wisha – a virtual pet! (You can find Wisha on my side-bar), I’m hoping I can get a real dog one day! Dogs are probably my favrouite animal but its still hard to decide.

What about fantasy animals? Well here’s the list!

  • unicorns
  • dragons
  • trolls 
  • elves
  • and way more making up your own

Leave a comment on what your favrourite animal is, but now its time for me to say good bye:( BYE!)



Stars are AWESOME! They give space a bit of a glow. If we didn’t have stars we wouldn’t be alive!

Here are some facts

  • stars are a bit like us. They are born, then they get old and die
  • did you now the sun is a star?
  • stars are made from dust
  • stars are alive for ten billion years ( a lot older than us )
  • a group of stars is a galaxy
  • the milky way has over a million stars
  • a blue star is really hot and a red star is really cold

Stars are so cool you can make constellations and find them to.                               You can go star gazing. Star gazing is easy you can…

  • go to a exhibit
  • make your own star exhibit
  • get a telescope
  • or lie around and wait for stars

Thanks for reading BYE