My Favourite Animals :D

I love all animals. Some are deadly. Some are cute.

This is a list of my top ten favrouite animals

  • dogs
  • koalas
  • birds
  • cats
  • bunnies
  • owls
  • penguinsΒ 
  • dophins
  • butterflies
  • lizardsΒ 

As you can see I can’t decide! My only pet at the moment is Wisha – a virtual pet! (You can find Wisha on my side-bar), I’m hoping I can get a real dog one day! Dogs are probably my favrouite animal but its still hard to decide.

What about fantasy animals? Well here’s the list!

  • unicorns
  • dragons
  • trollsΒ 
  • elves
  • and way more making up your own

Leave a comment on what your favrourite animal is, but now its time for me to say good bye:( BYE!)


3 thoughts on “My Favourite Animals :D

  1. Hi Georgina,
    My favourite type of animal is a dog!
    And my favourite fantasy creature is a mermaid! I think they are so cool!


  2. Hi Georgina you know my favourite animal but I’ll remind you any way. Penguins!🐧They are so adorable. My favourite fantasy animal is a unicorn. They are pretty.
    That’s a good post.

    from Rosie.

  3. Hi Georgina!
    My favourite type of animal is probably a monkey. Maybe it’s just because I like bananas, and so do monkeys, but I don’t really think so.
    My favourite type of fantasy animal is an elf. I look like an elf when I put on a plastic swimming cap.

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