The Dragon of The Night!

The night tamer only comes out at at night feasting its puple eyes away, hunting. Taking care of the three dragons was Saphi. Saphi took care of Tom, Tilly and Darkly.

Darkly was a black dragon of happiness and care. Darkly’s brother and sister were evil and sly. As for their mum – she was the worst! They lived in a volcano. Darkly wished he could live in a valley of peace and sunlight.

Saphi loved Tom and Tilly but hated Darkly, but she had to look after him, so she did.

One day Darkly went to look for his valley. While he was gone Saphi and the twins were moving house! When darkly was back he was so excited to tell his famliy he had found his new home, but his family was gone. He went to the valley and slept in a cave.

When he woke up he found he was Β in a room with books and a warm blanket, lights of colour. A little bird was tweeting looking for a book.”What are you doing here?” said the bird. “What am I doing here?” said Darkly. Suddenly a boy came out holding a bit of fish. The boy gave darkly a hug, and the little bird joined in.

ruby-throated hummingbird Anne Davis 773 via CompfightTHE END

Thanks for reading the story I made. I will make more soon! I hope you were inspired and write your own story, but that’s it for now.Β BYE

2 thoughts on “The Dragon of The Night!

  1. Hi Georgina!
    I love your story! I’m writing a story at the moment as well! It’s very different to yours. I can’t wait till you write more!

  2. Hi Georgina my name is Amirah. As I read I really liked that you hooked me in to want to read more and more. I wish you would of had a better conclusion of the story. I wonder what happens next in the story. I hope that you have sequel to this story i was really interested. Please come and visit me and comment at

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