Dad and Georgie trip at port Arthur historical sites

In the holidays me and my dad went down to port Arthur historical sites. We went in an old crumbled prison. After that we went on a small cruise,Β and guess what! We saw DOLPHINS🦈! I called them Blue-stone, Patrick, Elisa and Toby. After that we went in a old church. Sadly I have no pictures. But here is something else…


Β thxs for reading – bye


2 thoughts on “Dad and Georgie trip at port Arthur historical sites

  1. You are a lucky girl – a trip for you and your dad – that’s special for you both!
    You are also very lucky to have seen dolphins! What a fantastic day it must have been.
    Thank you for blogging during the holidays! I have a few new things to show you when we are back at school when our blogging days begin! πŸ™‚

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