All About Me By Ida

I am 9 years old my hobbies are art, blogging and origami. I have 1 chick, 5 chickens and 2 stick insects.

I have a sister called Alannah.

My favorite books are Harry Potter.

My favorite foods are sushi and curry.

My friends are Gorgina, Olive, Mira, Lola and Rosie.

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14 thoughts on “All About Me By Ida

  1. Hi Ida, great blog But definitely think we need to see you in Perth some time soon. Much warmer than Hobart. Fully is very excited about seeing you during the school hols.

  2. Hi Ida
    Your blog is wonderful. I will have to show Bailey and Harry. They are re-reading the whole Harry Potter series again, so you definitely have that in common. They also love sushi – our favourite place to go at the moment is sushi train!

  3. Wow Ida AWESOME blog. I see you have really got started on your new blog.
    Love it! Keep going, great start.

    love Georgina 🙂

  4. Hey Ida, Iggy here great blog. I remember in 2015 when my favourite part of the day was blogging and I would work on my blog for a whole hour! Keep up the good work. Yours Iggy.

    • Hi Addison.
      I don’t own Tasmania unfutunatly and I’m not rich Ha! Ha!
      But our family dose own a boat.
      🙂 🙂 🙂

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